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In most instances when handling a Personal Grievance for an Employee client we are able to offer a contingency arrangement (sometimes referred to as “No Win – No Fee”) we can discuss this at your first call. 

Other matters such as attending Disciplinary meetings, reviewing Employment Contracts and such like are handled on an hourly rate.  These types of costs will be thoroughly covered with you and confirmed by email before beginning any tasks.  Please be aware that some tasks will require payment in advance. 

When it comes to our “per hour” work, we believe we offer a most cost competitive fee structure. Our base fee is $250 plus GST per hour. What has to be remembered though is that we charge in realtime and, in most instances will have set a fixed price for the job at hand.  

As a relatively small firm we are able to minimise our overheads, thus we will always compare our fees to the result we achieve for our clients.  

Our invoices detail exactly what is being charged for. We will only charge for disbursements which would otherwise be excessive to carry such as transcriptions and other items.  Any lodgement fees (ERA or Employment Court for example) are paid directly to us, in advance, by the client.

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