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We believe we offer a most cost competitive fees tructure. Our base fee is $250 plus GST per hour and that is the rate we charge for most casual work. In those cases, we charge real time in 15-minute increments.  

In most instances though, we prefer to provide an overall quote (or at the least an estimate) for a total assignment (Restructuring, Disciplinary, Investigations, etc.)  Generally, we will agree to cap an assignment at a given level.  This allows our clients to budget for our services which are often called for at short notice. 

We gain a large amount of repeat business because our clients realise that we give value for money. As a relatively small firm we are able to minimise our overheads, thus we will always compare our fees to the result we achieve for our clients. Our invoices detail exactly what is being charged for and we do not usually charge for minor disbursements.  Occasionally though things like recording transcripts etc can add up so we usually cover the cost of disbursements at the engagement stage. 

Any lodgement fees (ERA or Employment Court for example) are on-charged to the client. 

For Employment Agreements, depending on Industry and the size of the workforce, we usually charge an initial setup fee to get started.  From there we charge anominal fee for each subsequent employment agreement which is guaranteed to be updated each time in line with legislative changes etc.

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