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Employment Relations Consultants is an organisation dedicated to assisting all New Zealanders who find themselves in an employment situation that they cannot understand or that they cannot control or handle themselves.   Our clients come from all walks of life and all levels of income. From forestry workers and cleaners, to high ranking executives and even doctors and lawyers, our team is there to help.

 Employment Problems can have a far reaching effect on those involved.  Mortgages still have to be met, families provided for and, of course, the search for alternative employment is time consuming and often costly.  Income is usually affected and money becomes tight.  For those in dire need even application for assistance from government agencies can be difficult to obtain and may involve stand down time. 

 In most cases, if you think you have been unjustly treated, then you probably have been.  Whatís more, If you have been unjustly treated in any way, there are provisions under the law for your recourse to address the issue.  In many cases you may be entitled to compensation for your treatment, your employerís action or inaction, or the situation you were placed in.

 There are many reasons why people who are entitled to these rights donít pursue them.  Maybe they just donít want the hassle.  Maybe they donít think it would be worth it. Or maybe they canít afford to even ask someone about it.  Maybe they fear repercussions in the future if they ďrock the boatĒ.  Who knows? Maybe itís a simple fear of something they donít understand. But in most cases there will always be that nagging question, ďWas there something more that I could have done?Ē

 Employment Relations Consultants can help.  We offer a service where we will perform an assessment of your case by way of an initial interview which is usually conducted by telephone.  There is no charge for this service. Occasionally there will be complicated issues connected with your particular case which will require some investigation and/or research, but in most instances we will be able to tell you right there and then whether or not you have a case and whether or not we are prepared to represent you.

 Then, if we do take your case on, we will handle every aspect for you so that you can get on with your life, look after your family and get back to work knowing that the problem which has been plaguing you is on the way to resolution.

 The resolution of employment problems can be quite simple.  In other cases they can be very difficult, very time consuming and expensive to pursue.  Thatís a risk that we take.  We will handle your case through to a conclusion and if we are not successful in reaching a satisfactory result, then you pay us nothing. 

 We prefer to discuss our fee structure on a face to face basis, however, where we are successful on your behalf the fees for an average settlement reflect about the same as a lawyer would charge for the same service.  For cases at the lower end of the settlement range our fees are considerably less than a lawyer would charge.  The difference, of course, is that we donít charge you up front and we donít charge you win or lose.



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