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Client Agreement


The Client agreement is a record of the agreement between the client and Employment Relations Consultants.  This is a three page document which spells out the procedures, time frames, the fee structure and any other possible costs that you may incur.  It is written in plain English and ensures that the client knows exactly where he or she stands in relation to dealings with Employment Relations Consultants.  The document is intended for the protection of all parties and ensures that the client will not have any hidden costs or other surprises. It also ensures that the client has a full understanding of how Employment Relations Consultants works.  Your consultant will explain all aspects of the agreement and will post a copy for signing following the initial interview.


Authority to Act


Section 236 of the Employment Relations Act 2000 provides for your representation in any employment matter.  In part, Section 236 reads:


(1)         Where any Act to which this section applies confers on any employee the right to do anything or take any action

(a)     in respect of an employer; or

(b)    in the Authority or the Court, --

           that employee may choose any other person to represent the employee for that purpose.


The section then goes on to say:


(3)         Any person purporting to represent any employee or employer must  establish that persons authority for that representation


In order to represent you we must have a signed Authority to Act.


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